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Top 5 Latest Design Trends in 2019

General idea is to talk about the latest trends every new year, but why not during the mid of the year? I would recommend everyone to be updated with the latest trends as the trends keep changing.

Our designers go deep with the usage of colors, typography, fonts, styles, etc., These small little things when brought together to create a great user interface, make a huge difference and thus provide the user with the best user experience they can have.

Just as the fashion changes in the fashion industry, the design trends also keep changing in the design industry and it’s really important to stay on top of what’s in trend and what’s not!

Let us have a look at the top 5 latest emerging trends in the era of web and mobile designs.

1. Bright and Vibrant Colors

Have a look at this design, Bright colors are the latest trend. Something eye-catching and bright is what users are loving these days.

These bright colors shape our moods towards the products we would like to buy. Designers to take care to use these colors in a balanced way, so they don’t overwhelm the users, as they would like something pleasing and energizing to let them keep using that website or an app.

Colors do play a huge role and these bright and vibrant colors are the need of the current market!

2. More Gradients

Mobile App Design with Gradient
Imagitrue showcases the Mobile App Design with Gradient

Let us first understand Gradient, it’s a smooth blending from one color to another. As you can see in our above example, how we are blending the usage of the color blue to pink. It’s not limited to 2 colors, We can play in a single color tone or can use two colors or can use multiple colors as well.

The gradient is back again in 2019 and we are loving it!

3. Illustration Designs

Web Design with Illustration
Imagitrue Showcases the Web Design with Illustration

The latest design statistics are showing that the usage of illustration is making a lot more impact on users than standard photography usage. This enhances the brand value and gives the user an infographic that communicates the selling message in a much more influential manner than a normal website with just the basic pictures on it.

This trend is now being adopted by top brands and is the real talk of the town these days.

We are excited to use the Illustrations!

4. CSS3 Animation

Users love when they visit the site and they see some kind of interaction or animation. CSS3 Animations play a huge role when we have a website that has something to offer. When a user goes to the site, they know what they should do, that animation can simply be asking them to scroll or attracting them to view next or anything.

In the above example, we are showing a submit button animation which is attracting the user to fill the form and submit it by clicking on the submit button.

This feature rocks the current trends by giving users something interactive and playful rather than a boring website.

5. Big and Bold Typography

Big and Bold Typography design
Imagitrue showcases the Web Design with Big and Bold Typography

There is no meaning to any webpage without proper content in that. The latest statistics are showing that more than 95% of the information displayed on any web page is text. In fact, the images are also shown as infographics with texts in it.

Considering this as an important factor, the Big and Bold Text makes it to the list of trends in 2019.

Big and Bold impress the target audience and thus clearly display the message to the end-user.

So, this was the list of 5 new trends we saw this year and we are predicting these for the rest of the year as well. 

There are many more important design trends such as responsive designs, mobile views, and speed consideration, we haven’t included those, as we believe these have been part of a trend for the last many years and will continue to be part of upcoming years as well.

To conclude, If you are looking for some great designs with the latest trends, schedule a free call with us!

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