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When it comes to creating a website to work for different devices, whether it's a laptop, desktop, iPad, Mobile phones, Frontend development comes into the picture. Frontend development is the set of code that is developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to give a feel to the user when he reaches your website, also known as GUI (Graphical User Interface). These are always interactive as it allows the user to interact with the website. Our sole responsibility is to give a pleasant and friendly user experience to all the users.

Responsive: We convert the designs into their HTMLs that are responsive in nature. The HTML that is created work on all the available screens, whether it’s a Mac-based phone or Galaxy or Tablets or iPads and moreover the laptops or notebooks. No need to create different HTML for different devices because you never know when you get a new device in the market. The digital devices are launching more often and it’s hard to change the code with every new device.

Bootstrap: It’s the most popular frontend component library for developing responsive and mobile friendly websites. It’s like a collection of tools for creating HTML, CSS and JavaScript wherein you get the pre-written code for a specific task without the need of writing one. We have the experts working on HTML(s) every day and know the In & Outs of the same. They try their best to not get stuck at any stage because they know the importance of timely delivery of the project.

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