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Content Management System: There are sites that are static and do not change over time however in today’s generation the companies are preferring dynamic sites with their content or options changing in a couple of days or months. The challenge that a client end faces is “how to change the content themselves?” wherein they do not need the help of any developer. Yes, we have the solution to that problem and the answer is Wordpress.

Wordpress has been accepted worldwide as the easiest, most explorable and expandable content management system (>60%). There are different themes available in the market that could change the appearance of the website matching your business however if a new theme is needed, that can also be created. We can make custom theme dynamic in nature that anybody can use to modify their site in the future.

Responsive themes are chosen so that once the site is built for the large screen, it starts working on the small screens as well with minor changes. So, no more mobile sub-domain for a mobile site. The plug-ins and widgets are also used in Wordpress for executing a specific functionality. We do not create custom plug-ins as they might break up while upgrading WordPress so better to use the pre-coded ones. The regular updates/upgrades are needed to secure your site as well as the CMS and we always make it our practice to take care of the same.

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