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Top 8 WordPress plugins in 2021

We try to cover all the areas to list these plugins, We covered SEO, Email Marketing, Forms functionality, eCommerce site, designs, and speed optimization. Here is our Hot List for 2021:

1. Yoast SEO

Websites and businesses nowadays are very much focused on digital marketing and especially  SEO. To bring up your business on top in search engine results, this plugin allows you to optimize your web pages. It enables you to add meta titles, descriptions, alt tags, keywords, etc. Not only allows you to add all that but also suggests to you the best way to do it.

This is one of the hot plugins nowadays. You can download this plugin from the given link-

2. Jetpack

Since many businesses are making it to online marketing nowadays. With more than 5 million installations, this is the most demanding plugin. It provides a lot of great features such as-

  • Website Security
  • Easy backups
  • Easy duplicates, clone or migrate
  • And a lot of more features

You can download this plugin from this link –

3. WooCommerce

Nothing new with this one! When it comes to an eCommerce site, and if we are building it in WordPress, the only best name that comes to mind is this plugin – WooCommerce.

Still making it to the hotlist, it’s the most popular eCommerce solution.

  • All sorts of payment gateways
  • Order and product management
  • Various shipping options
  • Tax management
  • And whatnot

Get it here –

4. GravityForms

Making it our list, Gravity Forms. These are amazing when it comes to forming designing and functionality. These are easy to use, with a lot of field options and apart from this, it provides you the functionality to apply conditional logic.

Partnering with companies such as Hubspot and Zapier makes it great for integrations and all.

Get your plugin here –

5. MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress

When it comes to email marketing, Mailchimp is the oldest and one of the best platforms which is used by most companies. Now, to integrate your Mailchimp account with WordPress, we recommend this plugin. With more than 2 million installations, this plugin is one of the hot plugins in 2021.

It easily allows your site visitors to subscribe to your newsletter and provides a lot of more features and integrations.

Check more here –

6. Smart Slider 3

Now, when it comes to the sliders, we have tried a lot of free and paid plugins. We came across this amazing plugin called Smart Slider 3.

We found it to be really intuitive and creative plugin to create the sliders. Sliders are fully responsive, we can optimize them for SEO and works with just any WordPress theme.

Check here –

7. Smush

Talking about SEO, the most important thing which Search Engine is looking for these days is optimization. The site needs to be optimized and should load pretty fast. When we go on platforms like GTMetrix, Google Page Speed, we can find out the speed of our website. It lists down the issues, which we need to fix.

The Smush plugin provides you with features to compress your website images. Thus, we can improve our Page Speed. Not only that, but we can also resize images with this optimizer plugin.

It is FREE of cost and got over 1+ million active installations.

Get it here –

8. SearchWP

If your website functionality requires a search feature, this is the plugin for you!
This plugin provides a list of great search features, where we can search titles, descriptions, and keywords. We can search out PDF, text document content as well.

Try it now –

As we keep going, we keep developing sites and come to access different plugins as per the site’s requirements. This is what makes our websites exciting and full of great features.

Check our portfolio here – to see how we used most of them!

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