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First Month Analysis Report: Top 8 UI and UX design trends 2020

No more predictions! 

No more guesswork! 

We have the Analysis Report Ready!

As we deliver our UI UX design services after proper analysis of industry trends, so there was a need for research and reporting.

We spent our 1st month of 2020 analyzing the industry and business market. Here is our First Month Analysis Report: Top 8 UI and UX design trends 2020.

1. Lots of Animations and Illustrations

Say Goodbye to static websites. Say hello to animations!

When these awesome illustrations enhance your brand, this is what makes a difference. Digital marketing these days is all about great UI and UX designs used.

These illustrations make you stand out of the general boring sites and are more friendly and inviting to the user.

Animations and Illustrations UI UX design trend

2. Mobile Optimized Designs to fit Fullscreen Smartphones

It’s 2020 and our analytics tells us that more and more people use websites from their smartphones. Therefore, the need for mobile-optimized design is one of the most demanding UI UX design services. Along with this, different UI kits with light and dark mode is like the cherry on the cake.

Mobile Optimized Design Services

3. UX Storytelling is the need for an hour

Designers have been focusing so far on different color usage, different screen development and so on. However, this year brings in a technique known as “UX Storytelling ”. It gives the user a pleasant and comfortable experience to take them through the flow of the website.

UX Storytelling design service

4. Skeuomorphic UI designs are back this year

Skeuomorphic UI designs are the designs that give the user the “Real-World” experience. The icons, symbols, etc. used in such designs match the real-world examples and gives the user a familiar experience. Learn more about Skeuomorphic design here.

Skeuomorphic UI Design Services

5. Website Pop-up Overlays are not making it anymore

Well well, designs are changing a lot this year. With the years of research on user behavior, technicians are learning that people hate to get interrupted. The pop-ups which blur the rest of the screen and block the user to perform the popup action ignoring everything else, is no more going to annoy anymore!

However, Website overlays are still going to be there.

Website Overlays UI and UX Design Services

6. Multiple Colored Gradients

This continued from 2019! Gradients came back last year and are making it to 2020 as well. However, these colored gradients with a mix of 2-3 colors are super cool.

They went off for some years in the past and designers started using single colors for flat designs but their comeback last year is going even bigger this year!

Multiple Colored Gradient Design

7. Responsive Dynamic Color Choices

To enhance brand identity, businesses prefer to use different colors these days. Instead, it switches to a dynamic color scheme that displays different colors on different devices. This is what makes this design trend make a statement in 2020. 

Responsive dynamic color choices

8. Oversized and bold typography

Oversized and bold typography was already in trend in 2019 and continues to maintain its position in 2020 as well. In fact, it’s going to get bigger in size in the coming months. These fonts are not only eye catching but also grab greater user attention.

Hope you found this research helpful! 

We will continue to keep working on and delivering the best of the solutions. Contact Us in case of any queries.

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