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How to Create a Dynamic Site using WordPress?

There are 75 million websites created and being managed using WordPress. However, let’s don’t talk too much about the popularity of this content management system. Let’s just see how useful it is for people willing to build a dynamic website.

1. Buy Domain and Hosting

First of all, your website needs an identity and address on the web. Domain name is the unique address of your website on the web. Some domain name registrars also provide hosting services. Visit any of the following domain name registrars to search and buy a domain name:


2. Download the Latest Version of WordPress


The latest version of this CMS is available at Download and unzip the package.

3. Set Up Database


You will find a MySQL databases section in the cPanel. Create a user who can access the database.

4. Setup wp-config.php


The database information resides in wp-config-sample.php file. You will find this file in your downloaded package. First of all, rename this file to wp-config.php. Open the file with NotePad. Now go back to MySQL settings. Input the following data and save your changes before you close this file.


This information is very critical. Any inconsistency in this information leads to errors and you will not be able to access your website.

5. Upload and Install WordPress


After filling out this information, you need to upload and install WordPress. You can access the server using FTP client. Now drag and drop WordPress content and place it where you want it to appear. Once it is uploaded, go to install script. You will find it at www.yourwebsitedomain/admin/install.php in case you have installed in the root. In case you have installed this in some other folder simply follow the path to that folder.

Accurate and complete installation of WordPress prompts a WordPress login form.

6. Install and Customize a New Theme


There is a huge number of free and premium WordPress themes available for different type of websites. Find, download and install a theme. Here is how you can install a theme.

Login to WordPress > Appearance > Theme > Add New > Upload Theme > Choose File > Install Now

You can customize looks of the theme by editing HTML and CSS of the theme. You can customize the theme and install plugins to expand the functionalities of your website. Click publish and your website is live now.

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