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6 Tips for a great User Experience!

When we work on a user experience design for a website, we take into consideration the people who are going to use it. Basically, “the End Users”. It’s not the owner, ultimately, it’s the user who will be using it. In other words, your “target audience”.

Starting from the point, they start learning about your business, it’s when they start experiencing it. They have their own personas, own mindsets, own problems and looking for their own solutions.

It’s the ultimate goal of any website to be so simple and accurate, so it takes no more than 5 seconds for a user to understand what it is about.

Now, when it comes to user experience design, it has to be mesmerizing!

This is where we can have the user will be more interested and willing to take up the journey to later become your customer.

Below are the 6 tips, I would briefly explain here:

1. Target Audience

It is very important, that we have a clear message and a clear interface to target our audience. We need users who are willing to be your customers. To make sure we are doing this, we should first understand the user persona. Learn more about user persona here.

2. A clear call to action

Another most important factor is making sure, we have a clear call to action. If the user is interested in your product or services, the user should know where to go next and how easily they can contact you. Don’t make it a long and difficult activity. It should be quick, easy and fast for a user to be able to contact you because this is what our ultimate goal is.

3. Offer a gift on their first purchase

Internet is full of great offers and deals nowadays, so why does your business not offer this. Let’s make the initial experience really good for any customer, so they come back and make a purchase again. And well, after all, who doesn’t like gifts 🙂

4. Easy Forms

Again, don’t forget, our audience is not as technical as us. We need to take care, that the forms, we are creating on our website are easy to use and user-friendly. For example: Make sure not to use inline validations. Take care of several other points, which I will share in future blogs as well.

5. Don’t Overwhelm user with too many questions

Another important point to take care of is, not to overwhelm the user. Users are basically our upcoming customers. It’s very important we take care of the initial stage itself.  So make sure, the user experience is seamless for them and we ask them just the basic questions. Wait for them to contact you and then you can ask your queries accordingly.

6. Creating Urgency

This always works. Creating a sense of urgency, and showing how precious time is. After all, time is money. So, the fast user decides to purchase your product or avail your services, the more beneficial it is for both the customer and business owner.

Stay tuned for more such tips. Outsource your web project Now!

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